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At Chammyz, we believe that you, the customer, to be our greatest asset. We are dedicated to creating the finest product in our market, and we believe we’ll be defined most by our ability to understand and meet customer needs.



Maxine Munro


Email: maxine@chammyz.com

Overseas all operations including all warehousing, production and shipping.

Operations | Warehousing | Production | Logistics


Jody Munro

VP Sales & Marketing

Email: jody@chammyz.com

On the road… On the phone. Handles stateside and international marketing and sales.

Company Vision | Retail Sales Support


Jennean Munro

Chief Designer

Email: jennean@chammyz.com

New product development, custom and team gear.

Casey N Ward

West Coast - Office Manager

Email: casey@chammyz.com

Office operation and logistical support for West Coast – U.S.A.

Operations | Production | Logistics


Faith Munro-Main

Head Office Manager

Email: faith@chammyz.com

Handles all customer service for Canadian and international orders.

Customer Service | International | Office Management


Bruce Bearfeld

Pet Products Div.

Email: bruce@chammyz.com

Oversees pet products division, marketing, and sales.